Emergency Eye Care

immediate and urgent eye care

Our eyes are not only vital organs but are also highly vulnerable to injury and infection. Some eye problems may be severe and require emergency eye care from a trained optometrist near you. Eye injuries and infections usually occur due to accidents, inflammation, scratches, swelling, pain, or untreated allergies. If you have experienced a traumatic eye problem, or experiencing Pink or Red Eye, Eye Trauma, Foreign Objects in the Eye (Corneal Abrasions), or Sudden Loss of Vision. please feel free to call our emergency eye doctor near you for immediate treatment.

What Not to Do in Case of Eye Emergencies

If you’re waiting to visit our walk-in eye clinic, here’s a list of what you should never do during an eye emergency:

  • Do not press or rub the injured or affected eye
  • Do not attempt to remove any debris or foreign body stuck in the cornea; this may cause further damage
  • Never use sharp instruments (like tweezers) to remove an embedded object

Whether the eye problem is large or small, please contact Eye Wonder Optical for emergency eye care near you.