Article One was found with a single goal in mind - to increase the funding and distribution for vitamin A supplementation in developing countries.

One Million children die or go blind each year from vitamin A deficiency. More importantly, just $1 per year will fund a year’s worth of life-saving supplements for one child. Article One donates $2 from each pair of glasses purchased to Helen Keller International (HKI) at the end of each quarter. Each pair of Article One sold helps save the sight and lives of two children.

Article One develops and sells a truly hand crafted line of eyewear at a price point that is accessible to most.

All frames are handcrafted in Italy.

Photography by Vincent Luk

Entourage of 7

People always ask us “Why Entourage of 7? What does it mean?”. Well, it’s what happens when seven insiders to the eyewear industry get together to create their own collection of frames. Based in Los Angeles and using city life as inspiration they have created an eclectic range of frames that speak to people from all walks of life.

Using quality acetate and making the most of Japanese manufacturing technology, these are beautifully designed and manufactured pieces of eyewear that’ll give you that LA feeling no matter where you are.

Photography by Vincent Luk


For more than 10 years Martin & Martin have been creating eyewear with a distinctive look. They represent Germany in the eyewear world and have design ties with the Whiteout & Glare collection but offer something completely different. They operate with an open mission statement so their goals are always evolving. They believe that eyewear is the most important accessory and they aim to create styles that fit all types of personalities.

Visually, their frames have a soft, laid-back feel while structurally the frames are incredibly comfortable due to the lightweight acetate used. Martin & Martin have created an eclectic mix of frame shapes and finishes that flow beautifully across the collection while keeping up the high manufacturing standard you’d expect from a brand out of Germany.

Photography by Vincent Luk


Established in 1905, Masunaga have led the way in Japan for eyeglass frame manufacturing. Hailing out of Fukui, Japan, they have spent the last few decades perfecting the two hundred steps involved with making one pair of eyeglasses.

Masunaga are classically retro and have rich selection of high polish colours that are both distinct and versatile.  Once you’ve fallen in love with the looks, you’ll be impressed with the quality of the acetate and the durability of the seven-barrel hinges.